Benevolent Sides of HBOT for Autism


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps people avail 100% oxygen under an atmospheric pressure that is higher than the normal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is regarded as a natural therapy to treating cognitive impairment and other physical disorders. Whether its gangrene or poisoning due to carbon monoxide; HBOT has proven its efficacy in multiple cases. The oxygen infused into the blood helps fluency in fluid flow. For those who are still clueless about HBOT for Autism; I would like to surface the benevolent sides of the former. The blood flow reaches it optimum level on receiving oxygen therapy. Inflammation and air embolus in the brain is reduced. Experts on studying hyperbaric therapy and its effect on autistic individuals found out that the later responded well after receiving oxygen therapy. Significant improvements were found in social behavior and activities of autism affected victims.HBOT Autism

However some of them confronted with drawbacks of HBOT which includes immense ear aches. Some are of the opinion that HBOT has the weakest link in curing autism.

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