Treat autism in children


So what do you think is child autism? Child autism is nothing but the impairment of cognitive behaviors in a child. The human attributes incase of child autism gets fragmented. Autism affected children have difficulties in sharing their feeling, communicating and responding to the world. The syndrome surfaces by the age of three and ruins life thereafter. Child autism is the most common amongst all. It is also referred to as classical autism. Experts have studied several cases and finally opined on it saying that around 3-6 out of every 1000 children can turn out to be autistic. There are no such treatments that would cure the syndrome for lifetime. However, hyperbaric oxygen therapy proves to be beneficial in improving the activities of the brains of an autistic child. To Treat Autism, the desperate parents search here and there for anything that would help their helpless children overcome the ailment.

Researchers said that male children are more likely to develop autistic traits than females. However the severity of the conditions in females is greater.

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