Kristi Hogg & Joe Valenzano Interview

Kristi & Dani talk with Joe Valenzano, CEO & President Of Exceptional Parent Magazine during a Conference call on Special People Normal World.
Kristi & Dani talk with Joe Valenzano, CEO & President Of Exceptional Parent Magazine during a Conference call on Special People Normal World.

Kristi Hogg, Parent Advocate for Hyperbaric Oxygen and Host of Special People, Normal World.

In this video she has described how a single autism article that came out in Exceptional Parent Magazine changed her entire life.


Hello, my name is Kristi. I have a daughter with a mitochondrial disease and is on the spectrum as well. Mayci is 8 yrs old and does not walk yet. We have been battling for her life all these years just to keep her alive. Drs appointments, hospital visits, and trying to maintain a “normal” life. (I’m sure you all understand this)

Mayci has had severe epileptic seizures all of her life and no medication or treatment worked. In March of this past year she was considered “failure to Thrive”

On May 24th I read an amazing article in the Exceptional Parent magazine. There was a little girl named Grace whose story was much worse than my little girl and Grace had the same disease as my daughter. The story told of how she was failure to thrive for the first 3 years of her life and how she was blind, in a vegatative state and severe epileptic seizures. Her amazing mom, Shannon put her into a Hyperbaric Chamber and things started to change for this little girl. Grace was not blind, her seizures stopped, and she got out of the hospital. This was an amazing thing!! As I read the article I cried because I felt her pain and happiness all at the same time.

Grace was 3 when her life changed and now she just celebrated her 10th birthday in March. Grace developed Autism at the age of 5 because her mother wanted her to join other children at a special needs school and in order to “catch up” and join she had to have all of her shots. Unfortunately Grace became one of the statistics. She was clinically diagnosed with Autism just 6 months after the shots.
So now Grace has a mitochondrial disease and Autism. Her mother has improved her quality of life just by adding HBOT therapy into Grace’s life. Grace is now 10 years old and can now see, walk, talk and no longer has seizures.

I immediately contacted Shannon, the mother and wanted to know how to start Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. She told me of a place in Madison, WI where they treat and within a week we were there.

We started HBOT on June 8th and on June 10, Mayci’s seizures stopped. Now jump forward to today and Mayci is still seizure free, she is learning to say some words and her vision has improved. I absolutely get goosebumps everytime I get to share my story. Mayci has never spoke a word until November of this year!

At the facility that we are going to in Wisconsin, they have a DAN dr on site, Dr. Kyle Vandyke. He has been testing Mayci and showing us that based on her test results she too is on “the SPECTRUM”. So with HBOT we have been treating her biomedically like other Autistic children do. Every day is a new day with her. We have a 10yr old daughter Marli and I feel as though I’m finally getting to see my daughters get to know each other. Our life changes daily since we have started hyperbarics. We have done over 400 dives now to date. In my opinion I feel it is the best decision we have made.

Thank you so much for letting me share Graces’s story and my daughters.

Kristi Hogg, mother to Marli and Mayci Shea Hogg.

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