Being always interested in alternative therapies including HBOT, it was kind of exciting coming across the International Hyperbaric Medical Association website. It wasn’t a planned approach but such wonderfully informative stuff like this press release comes up when expected the least. A quest on the re-mastered hard-bop albums suddenly meandered its way but at the end, it seemed like music to the ears.

The press release speaks about the experiments of Dr. Paul Harch (Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, LSUHSC) and his pilot studies on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its effectiveness in treating chronic TBI and PTSD (Traumatic brain injury and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) on a total of thirty subjects. Since the result has not yet been published, sourcing info from some other source seemed to be sensible and the results from another HB.O.T experiment showed up from the Washington Times. It was all on the positive.

But as well know, it’s how well a gun fires and without that, no technology is good enough to be worthy of admiration; similarly, testimonials provide the necessary insights on how good something is proving itself. The query brought in several opinions from people who have been immensely benefited and increased the interest more on the recent aspects of HBOT, namely, for TBI and for PTSD. This entire description of the pilot study fits well this weekend’s personal agenda.

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