Life is better with Oxygen – Try HBOT

Technology brings certain hassles on one hand while eliminating certain others – a proven fact that’s often forgotten by the torchbearers of progress. Automobiles reduced the pain of travelling long distances yet fanned high the flames of hit-n-run cases; if maintenance is not proper, your own vehicle may turn on you. So why is this big issue on HBOT chambers malfunctioning? It was, after all, built without maintaining the technical guidelines and an exception, not the norm, which is, life changes for better with oxygen therapy. Still, there are people (anti-gun lobbies are also an example; they surprisingly remain silent when crimes are committed without the help of firearms and turn deaf and blind on incidences that cite victims defending themselves with concealed-carry firearms) who claim the HBOT chambers to be the root of all evils. Did we see humans dying on the way to hospitals? We have and ambulances are not to be blamed. It’s just the psychological defense mechanisms that come into play. It’s within our own genes.

But reality speaks otherwise. Oxygen therapy increases greatly oxygen concentration in the bodily tissues, irrespective of whether a person’s blood flow is blocked or normal. Experiments have shown an increased blood flow during and after correctly administered HBOT sessions, primarily because of the stimulation it provides regarding the development of newer blood vessels. Also there are multiple examples of rebound arterial dilations after HBOT sessions and stimulated an adaptive increment of SOD (superoxide dismutase) resulting in free radical scavenging in blood. Add to this an increased immune response through enhanced leucocyte actions and doubts regarding HBOT is going to dissolve as fast as the lumps that stop blood flow within the arteries and the veins.

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