Stop Swallowing those Antidepressant Pills-Autism Alert


An online study has revealed a strange truth that directly links ASD with those who are prone to consuming anti-depressants. The report surfaced an unbiased fact surprising many who were about to experience the joy of motherhood unaware of the ill-effects associated with consumption of antidepressants. The mother’s womb is the most secure place for her baby. Whatever she eats is supplied to the little one inside her. Consumption of anti-depressants can ruin the happy story of a mother and her child. Experts have cautioned mothers to-be to refrain themselves from consuming medicines that drive away stress and depression. Anti-depressants which mostly constitute of SSRI act as agents triggering Autistic Behaviors in individuals.

autistic behaviorsA case control study reported an increase in ASD risks when the mother is treated with anti-depressants. A study on a mother experiencing her trimester has shown that regular exposure of the uterus to antidepressants highly increases risks of her unborn child to develop autistic traits. These experts have opined that ASD risks depend on level of selective serotonin intake.

Actually the researchers had randomly picked young ones to conduct a study determining whether they developed autistic behavior due to increased intake of SSRI by their mother when they floated happily in the womb. SSRI exposure during prenatal months could get fatal for the unborn child.

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