Hyperbaric chamber helps improve health of family with ailing children


“Hyperbarics has been around for over 100 years. It’s used for wound therapy, stroke patients, post-traumatic brain injury, bone infections, but as for mitochondrial disease, the decision is not in,” said Williams. “But we were slowly losing our children. We were watching life drain out of them.”

Hyperbarics is a combination of highly concentrated oxygen and pressure. Rather than relying on blood to distribute oxygen to cells, hyperbaric treatments use pressure to push oxygen directly into cells.

The FDA has approved hyperbaric therapy for treatment of decompression sickness, gangrene, brain abscesses and injuries in which tissues are not getting enough oxygen.

The Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center focuses on treatment of autism, cerebral palsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, mitochondrial disorders, chronic fatigue, traumatic brain injury, attention deficit disorder and more.

In the picture:
Gerri Williams climbs into a soft-cloth hyperbaric chamber in her family room.

Gerri Williams climbs into a soft-cloth hyperbaric chamber in her family room where daughter, Sydney, 8, waits. After years of deteriorating health, treatment in the hyperbaric chamber has changed what was a prognosis of death from complications of mitochondrial desease for Sydney and her brother Austin, 8.

Source : http://www.pjstar.com/features/x1487290724/Under-pressure-to-improve-their-health

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