Autism Treatment Through Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diet


There is now clinical research which supports the use of dietary interventions to treat autism. Many parents and physicians report children on the autism spectrum make significant progress on the GFCF diet due to food allergies and sensitivities to wheat, oats, barley, rye and a rather long list of their derivatives i.e. malt, flavoring and some fillers found in vitamins and medication.

Gluten is found in nearly all foods and many non-food products.It is advised by a DAN! practitioner to begin first by eliminating milk and all diary products from their loved one’s diet. Other alternatives are readily available at local supermarkets and health food stores, i.e. rice, potato, soy, goat’s milk, diary-free cheese, and ice cream. Parents are asked to make a list of all the foods a child with autism eats and find replacements for them.After a few weeks off of milk products, replace all the foods he will usually eat with GFCF alternatives. GFCF meals may be prepared at home from scratch with GFCF recipes. Or GFCF products may be purchased at specialty order stores and most local health food stores, since individuals with celiac disease cannot tolerate gluten.


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