Thimerosal from Vaccines and Autism Risks – Recent Developments


A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shown that prenatal and infant exposure to vaccines and immunoglobulins that contain thimerosal does not increase risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) source cdc . gov

Recent developments and research work has pointed out some interesting and important information related to vaccines and autism risks, and most of us would consider it as good news.


Contrary to what many health experts have suggested in the past, a recent study at the Centers for Diseaese Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed that vaccination does not add to the risk of autism essentially, at least not due to the presence of thimerosal in vaccines and even in immunoglobulin.

This was a well organized and conducted case study by this organization. The inference is based on the data that was collected from 1,008 participants (all children). Out of the total 1,008 participants, 256 had autism spectrum disorder (or ASD).

Over and above, the study was seen to be pretty conclusive may be a boy or a girl, vaccination and the presence of thimerosal did not add to the risks of ASD, considering both prenatal and infant stages of the children examined. And this has seen a good number of parents and medical experts relieved, with the previous assumptions fading away in the background.

Although some people are not yet convinced, the CDC has been very firm on this discovery, which definitely comes as welcome good news for most that has anything to do with this research or connected with someone who is suffering with ASD.

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