Trust natural remedies to treat Autism in your child and yield faster results!


Your attitude speaks-

You cannot simply start with the belief that Autism is incurable. Accept the truth about the disease and equip yourself to fight it. The foremost weapon to  aid you in the battle is to get your attitude boosted, both towards the disease and the patient.

Try to develop a patient and accepting attitude while dealing with the child but keep alive the optimism for future progress.
Handle him/her with gentleness and provide the child with more space to be as it suits him/ her. With more flexibility and less deliberation he/ she would feel more at ease with respective surroundings. This will catalyze the child’s normal behavior.
Autism inflicts enormous emotional stress on the patient crippling his/ her ability to express. This stunts the spontaneous development of rational and intellectual faculties eventually restraining the child’s natural urges to interact with the society. So keeping the child free of any burden and giving him/ her a warm, healthy and happy environment is essential. Every parent dealing with an Autism affected child should see it as a tonic.

Try Homeopathy-

Fleshing out remedies for childhood disorders like ADHD  and Autism has been the prime concern for medical professionals for more than a century. Results varied  to not more than a certain degree. Stimulants, tranquilizers, hypnotics were sporadically used to curb severe cases. They were helpful temporarily but failed to originate long term results resurfacing the distress and ailments in children at regular intervals. Homeopathy offers a definite and detailed approach probing into the minute recesses of tender psyche and helps in modifying the behavioral patterns of the concerned child. Homeopathy believes in the three step procedure which it closely follows infusing hope in doctors and parents alike. The three step process includes-

1. Acute observation
2. Objective analysis
3. Slow but steady analytical treatment.

Keep your child naturally healthy-

You’ll often see the child addicted to certain types of edibles. Those food products might be the unknown cause for your child’s noticeable deterioration. So dietary modification is important. Keeping the child in a clean and tidy surrounding, giving him/ her fresh food, allowing him/ her sufficient rest are simple, natural ways to keep the child’s irritability quotient in check.

Go for easy yet helpful therapies-

Several institutions opt for various behavioral therapies which prove to be extensively functional in treating Autism. Speech and language therapies, auditory therapies and sensory integration are clinically proven to help Autistic children. You can include treatments like osteopathic manipulation and cranio- sacral massage. They are easy, natural yet beneficial for the child.

The wonder drug or DMG-

Dimethylglycerine also known as vitamin B15, Calcium Pangamate or Pangamic acid is momentously gaining popularity as a behavioral modification drug used in treating Autism. DMG fosters confidence in children increasing their eye-contact and drive to interact more freely with the society. In severe cases it is used to get a grip on aggressive behavior and soothing down bouts of violent restlessness that tortures autistic children.

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