Why the term autism has become synonymous with the urban areas?


People at length talk about urbanization and how the process of urbanization is essential for growth and development. The term has become phenomenal and quite a rage because it has all the essential infrastructure to enhance human life. Today urbanization has everything to do with getting proper education , having a fashionably well lifestyle and also a successful stint at our workplace. It has all the necessary ingredients to make us successful and happy. But is that a statement or a point that we are trying to ask ourselves? Because what comes as a bit of a surprise is the statistics that reveals a growing number of health hazards that has a higher percentage in the urban areas as compared to the rural areas. I have asked this question to myself quite often, ‘why the chances of autism increases by four times to a child born in Los Angeles (northwest) than in any other areas of California?’


Autism as a disorder

Not many years ago people with autism were made fun at in many a social events because autism affects that area of the brain which is responsible for our social interaction and communication, it is a neurological disorder to which medical science has no answer. The cause of autism needs to be taken up seriously because it is a disorder that affects a person lifelong.


Autism strikes in urban areas

One problem that seems to have grabbed our attention is the sudden rise of autism among the kids in the urban areas. Researches have proved time and again that every 1 child out of 50 suffer from autism which is not just shocking but very disheartening as well. Disheartening because in spite of so much advancement in the field of medical science this problem cannot be curtailed. However, the progress in the field of medical science throughout the years has been impressive to find treatments that if not can cure autism completely but can definitely lower its impact.


The facts

The statistics are not just alarming but has brought in medical researchers to find out the cause of the growing rate of autism in the urban areas and in a few pockets of the urban communities. Study from Columbia University recognizes areas such as Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and other such posh areas to have witnessed an increase of 3% rise in the number of autism cases. The growing popularity of autism specially in the urban areas has been because of the rise in air pollution. The study published in Environmental Health Perspectives have proved that air pollution is one of the major reasons for autism. This piece of information seems to fit in well in the puzzle as to why the rise of autism in the urban areas. The posher the place, the fancier the cars will be and hence the rise of autism. So in order to cut down on autism what we need to do is control air pollution. This fact stands testimony to the growing cause of autism in the urban areas.


This article started with the perks that urbanization provides to people and how much everybody craves for a cosmopolitan society but let’s just think over it once again. Do we really want this at the cost of our children suffering from autism? If we want the best of both worlds that is, a cosmopolitan society without autism then what are the things that we must keep in mind to leave this world as a better place for our children.



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