Co-Founder of Autism Speaks Steps Down from Post of Chairman

Autism Speaks

On May 1, 2015, Bob Wright, one of the Co-Founders of ‘Autism Speaks’, stepped down from the post of ‘Chairman of the Board of Directors’. Autism Speaks is a world-renowned advocacy and science institution for autism. It was founded by Mr. Wright and his wife in 2005, when autism diagnosis was made for their grandson. Since then, Mr. Wright worked as the organization’s chairman.

The person to be honored with the position of the new Chairman is Brian Kelly, a member of the organization’s Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Mr. Wright and his wife would stay in the Board in the form of co-founders.


Autism Speaks

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Mr. Wright started the organization about 10 years ago because of the lack of autism awareness, research and availability of opportunities for care of people with this developmental disorder. Autism is a rapidly increasing neurodevelopmental condition on the globe today. He and his wife tried to change this situation from down to upwards – by letting families and parents have a voice, and from top to downwards – by emphasizing the need for action on this field in front of corporate leaders, policy makers and communities involved in medical research. Mr. Wright said that progress has been made in this context, but still a lot of work needs to be completed. Brian Kelly has always been a reliable member of the instituion. Serving as the new Chairman, Brian is ready to accomplish all the important tasks.

On becoming the Chairman, Brian Kelly, who is the father of a child with autism, stated that he became a part of the organization because he realized that the autism community needed a lot of support, and he knew that Bob made the right person to lead and change the scenario. Brian expressed his gratitude on attaining the position of the Chairman by saying how humbled and honored he felt.

Brian says that families regularly report that they require services and support for treatment and management of autism. Autism Speaks would be committed to helping with issues that parents are most concerned about. The organization would join researchers, educators, businesses and community organizations throughout the country to come up with innovations and solutions that can bring improvements in the futures and lives of people on the spectrum.

President of the organization, Liz Feld, stated that Bob Wright leveraged his experience as an executive at NBC Universal and GE for improving the world for autistic people. She also added that owing to the leadership of Bob, a large number of families feel themselves to be more accepted, hopeful and empowered. Bob Wright has tirelessly worked hard to bring forth accessible and affordable services, more coverage for health care and better research, which influence the everyday life of people with autism. Autism Speaks expects to see further success under Brian’s leadership.

Brief Information About Mr. Brian Kelly:

Brian Kelly, aged 53, worked as Chair of ‘Audit and Family Services Committees’ prior to being appointed as the Chairman of Board. In 2005, Brian and Tricia, his wife, made a donation of $2.35 million dollars for “The Autism Research and Training Center” at ‘Gevirtz Graduate School of Education’ in UC Santa Barbara. Their donation offered improved facilities to The Autism Research and Training Center, which is a leading institution of the nation for autism diagnosis, treatment and evaluation. In 2006, Brian Kelly served as a leader in property development and acquisition of the campus of Melmark New England, Andover, Massachusetts. It’s a school working for people having autism and other kinds of disabilities. In 2013, he and his wife introduced the “Brian & Patricia Kelly Postsecondary Scholarship Fund” in Autism Speaks for providing financial support to autistic young adults looking for educational and vocational opportunities.

What is Autism?

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting the social, motor and cognitive skills of children. Early treatment and intervention, i.e., before or at the age of 3 years, can reduce the impairments associated with autism to a large extent. HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) or hyperbaric medicine has emerged as an effective alternative treatment option that causes beneficial effects on autism. The therapy is carried out in hyperbaric chambers under the supervision of authorized medical professionals only. Researchers and scientists are studying autism and trying to come up with effective methods and therapies to treat it.


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