How Can Washing Hands Keep Away Autism?


Autism, a well-known and widely spread neurological disorder, comes with symptoms of social skill impairment, and cognitive disabilities with repetitive or stereotyped behavior.

Besides neurological disorder, autism has a strong genetic basis. That is the reason why autism can’t be cured but can be improved to some extent. Therefore, it is better to take precautions before having autism and this is in our hands.

From our childhood, our parents always asked and even scolded us to wash our hands before eating or before doing anything for our hygiene.

You must wash your hands properly before you eat, cook or do anything that deals with your or with anyone else’s respiratory tract, gastrointestinal track, and internal organs or body parts because our working hands are always in contact with dust and many unseen pathogens. Without washing hands when we eat or do anything, we actually intake or absorb the chemical substances, pathogens, antigenic substances and some environmental factors from our unwashed hands.

The substances we intake from unclean hands are may be carcinogenic or mutagenic in nature which do mutations in our DNA base pairs. From all of these mutations, wrong genetic expressions occur with abnormal protein formation. This leads to several disorders, and one of them is autism. Researchers found 25 genetic markers are responsible for autism or ASD. So, it is not only neurological but also a genetic disorder.

Different controversies say that there are some unknown common environmental factors which are responsible for autism in a child when it is in its mother’s womb.

So when we go through molecular level, HBOT comes with an invention where different hyperbaric chambers (monoplace, multiplace and portable) are designed to fill the adequate level of oxygen in body fluids with 100% pure oxygen at higher atmospheric pressure. It re-energizes the impaired neural tissues to improve the cognitive disabilities of autism to some extent.

So, being conscious and taking precautions are the best self-defense mechanisms to keep away from diseases. When a non-cured disorder may come in your offspring from improper wash of your hands, it will be better to keep your hands clean using proper sanitizers.

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