A Serial Killer May Have An Autistic Brain


Autism is a well known neurological disorder and is found on 1 out of 68 children according to the CDC data report of 2010. This neurological disorder comes with different symptoms. Some of these disorders are lack of verbal communication, repetitive or stereotyped behavior, social skill impairment and cognitive disabilities.

If we are going to analyze the symptoms which are mentioned above, then a lot more symptoms will come according to each. Autism is not a single disorder, and that’s why it is termed as ASDs (Autism Spectrum Disorders).

Now we are going to discuss about some of these autistic symptoms which can be life threatening not only for the autistic one but also for the normal innocent people of our society. That one symptom is ‘Repetitive Behavior’ / ‘Obsessive Behavior’. Can you ever imagine an autistic patient as a serial killer or mass murderer?

If we go through different studies, then there is no such data which proves that autistic people or people with ASDs are more committed to violent action or crime than general population. We know that autism is a neurological disorder. So imbalance of different neurochemicals and neurotransmitters may be a cause of violence, but there is no such evidence or study found in autism for a serial killing tendency.

But the evidences which were found are,

  • Robert Napper, who is a serial killer and rapist, was taken into custody in 2008. It was reported that he is schizophrenic and he was also diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Nicky Reilly is one who was caught and jailed when he was accidentally injured due to the setting off a bomb in the toilet of a public restaurant. Later, it was identified that he had been suffering from learning disabilities, obsessive disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome.
  • Cary Stayner is another one who is an OCD patient and is also diagnosed with psychotic disorder and schizophrenia. But the fact to say is that he was arrested for the murder of 4 women.

These 3 examples suggest that ASD or autism-susceptible people have more chances than normal ones to become a serial killer or mass murderer. But this study is not enough to say that all autism-susceptible people or autistic patients are born to be a killer. It is a survey and is also under study.

Now, it’s time to conclude from a report which finds 2 definite autism cases out of 239 mass murder cases. It is concluded that a least amount of autistic people or patients can become mass murderers or serial killers with an experience of psycho-social stressors, though the whole thing is under study.

So early diagnosis of autism and taking care of autistic patients and children from the early stage make them stay away from becoming this social curse. It needs early treatments and interventions from on or before the age of 3. As a part of therapy, HBOT can be a way to treat autism or to improve autistic disorders if HBOT is applied on autistic patients from their childhood.

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) comes with its specially designed hyperbaric chambers with flash-through system. In these chambers, the patients and children with autism get 100% pure oxygen with higher atmospheric pressure. The whole body fluids, tissues and especially the neuron cells get saturated level of oxygen that can improve the brain waves and signals through synapses and neuronal tissues. These things can benefit an autistic patient to cure cognitive disabilities, social skill impairments and susceptibility to be a serial killer.

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