Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy : A Breakthrough Treatment for Autism

HBOT Chamber

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder And How Does It Affect Children? Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or autism refers to a lifelong mental disorder which prevents a person from communicating with or relating to others effectively. Those who are affected by it, are referred to as “autistic”. This complicated neurobehavioral disorder affects the skill to verbally communicate or interact with people in social atmosphere. The degree of autism may vary from ‘mild’ to ‘severe’ among patients with autism. Although the specific causes for autism still remain a mystery, it is by…

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Hyperbaric Therapy: A Beacon of Hope for Improving Autistic Conditions

Autism is a complex form of neurological disorder that begins to manifest itself right from the infancy of an affected person, resulting in severe abnormalities in normal mental development. Autistic symptoms start to show themselves up as early as the second year of a child’s life, but in some cases, children initially show normal growth and then the regression starts. This form of disorder is characterized by difficulty in interaction, social communication, maintaining steady eye-contact and restrictive and repetitive behavior. This disorder also poses serious impediment to the information-processing procedure…

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Autism & Hyperbaric (HBOT) Chamber

The best and largest in Oxyhealth’s fleet of mild personal hyperbaric chambers, the Vitaeris 320 boasts a roomy 32 inflated diameter that comfortably seats two. Dual pumps boost inflation time and provide twice the airflow throughout the chamber. Designed specifically for the clinic, this model suits the needs of any medical office, home and patient. Straightforward training and basic maintenance makes the Vitaeris 320 a functional part of any practice! Vitaeris 320 – Personal Hyperbaric Chambers

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